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Kart Cosmetics was established in 1993.
An Israeli privately owned company that engages in research, development and manufacturing of high quality and effective cosmetic products, designated for professional cosmeticians and pedicure & manicure masters.
Kart’s laboratories combine a scientific approach with advanced technologies based on innovative and active ingredients in its products in order to provide fast and efficient solutions for various skin problems.
The company’s headquarters is located in Rishon Le-zion and its products are widely marketed throughout the country by professional centers, as well as worldwide (export*).

Our Expertise
Development, manufacturing and marketing of professional Para-Medical cosmetic and pedicure products, which create a wide variety of treatment options for all skin types and problems, head to toe.
Our products designed partly for the use of the professional cosmetician and/or pedicurists and partly are recommended for further treatment at home, in order to improve and increase the efficiency of the results.

The product
We strive to meet and maintain international rigorous quality standards. We obey a strict manufacturing and monitoring process. We monitor the product from planning and developing stages, during production and until packaging and shipping.
Our products are being marketed via licensed and authorized cosmeticians and pedicurists only.

N 2196


Fingernail Liquid is an antiseptic, disinfectant and prophylactic liquid for treating hands, feet an..