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Teeth Gum

Teeth Gum

Dental and oral care products

Aroma Medic Dental Unique Drug for the Treatment of Inflammation of the Gums, Caries and the Removal of Toothache 10ml

DescriptionA unique oily antibacterial drug for the treatment of gum disease. Helps with periodontal..

190.00₪ 120.00₪

DescriptionA magical rock powder for teeth and gums, as well as for making your own cleansing face m..


DescriptionNatural remedy Shunam based on plant extracts and essential oils. Does not contain chemic..


DescriptionThis oil based on the Helichrysum (everlasting) plant helps minimizereddness on facial or..


Herbs of Kedem Kalita Powerful throat spray 50ml Herbs of Kedem Kalita Powerful throat spray 50ml
N 2159

134.00₪ 134.00₪ (0.00₪)

DescriptionDirections: 3-5 sprays in the mouth, five times a day. Each spraying releases some 0.1 ml..

134.00₪ 134.00₪

N 1687


DescriptionToothpaste for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Contains unique Dead Sea minerals to p..